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Study Abroad Scholarships

More than 250 merit based scholarships are awarded to students for YFU study abroad each year. Check our our complete list of scholarships below or use our selection tool above to find the scholarship that's right for you! Read more about our scholarship program at the Scholarship Process page. Adult Study Tours are not eligible for scholarships.

2015 Scholarships at a Glance

National Scholarships

Scholarship Name Code Country Limited to Deadline Date
Finland-US Senate Youth Exchange Program 105 Finland 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015*
Founder's Scholarship 352 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Japan-America Friendship Scholars (JAFS) 254 Japan 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015*
Japan-US Senate Youth Exchange (JUSSE) 97 Japan 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Key Club/Key Leader Scholarship 348 Choice Members of Key Club 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Kikkoman National Scholarship 304 Japan 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Kikkoman/FCCLA Scholarship 44 Japan FCCLA Members 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Leader Scholarship 354 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Okinawa Peace Scholarship Program 257 Japan 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Presidential Scholarship 353 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
The YFU Americas Scholarship 314 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
YFU Stiftung 273 Germany 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015*
YFU Stipendium Program to Germany 305 Germany 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
YFU Community Grant 368 Choice 04/01/2015 1-Apr-2015

Regional Scholarships

Scholarship Name Code Country Limited to Deadline Date
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange 115 Germany IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO, NE, WI 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Japan Business Society of Detroit (JBSD) 266 Japan MI 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Kikkoman/Folsom, CA 262 Japan CA 12/15/2015 15-Dec-2015*
Kikkoman/Walworth County 33 Japan WI 12/15/2015 15-Dec-2015*
Olive Tree Foundation 268 Choice MI, SC 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
World Affairs Council of Northern California 289 Choice CA 01/05/2015 5-Jan-2015*
Goethe Institut - PASCH Schools Scholarship 358 Germany CA, CO, MA, MO, NE, PA, VA 12/15/2014 15-Dec-2014
Alexander Voigt Memorial Scholarship 374 Germany MN 02/20/2015 20-Feb-2015*
Mitsui USA Foundation 156 Japan CA, DC, IL, MI, NY, OH, TN, TX, WA 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015
Toyota-TEMA Community 327 Choice AZ, CA, KY, MI 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015

Employee Scholarships

Scholarship Name Code Country Limited to Deadline Date
C. R. Bard, Inc. 185 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies 42 Choice 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea 5 Choice MI 12/01/2014 1-Dec-2014
Epson America, Inc. International Scholarship 7 Choice 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015
Mitsui USA/Employee 78 Japan 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015
Sony USA Foundation Scholarship 251 Japan 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015
Toyota-TEMA Employee 283 Choice 01/15/2015 15-Jan-2015
Chevron Corporation Scholarship 64 Choice 01/30/2015 30-Jan-2015
Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. 146 Japan 02/13/2015 13-Feb-2015*
Donaldson Company, Inc 366 Choice 01/31/2015 31-Jan-2015
Mazda Canada Inc. 360 Japan 02/14/2015 14-Feb-2015

* Extended Deadline.