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Female • 16 • Ghana

Beatrice from Ghana, her friends call her Trix B, is a happy 16 year old girl. She has a positive outlook and likes laughing a lot. She always seems to have a smile on her face and she want to put smiles on the faces of those around her. Trix B is part of the science club at school and her favorite subject is chemistry. Her dream is to become a medical doctor so she can provide quality health care assistance to her community and other parts of the world. She is also sporty, running the 100 meters in school events. Trix is family orientated and when she is with them she enjoys going to church, cooking, cleaning and watching tv. Those around her describe her as respectful, fun, sociable, friendly and outgoing just to name a few. Trix hopes that this year will give her a diverse educational environment that will help her achieve her further career.

Science Cooking/Baking Chorus/Choir Biology Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Finland

17 year old Jeremy from Finland is very sporty and studious. His sports interests include soccer, just for fun now, recreational golf, and ice hockey. Jeremy is very serious about ice hockey and has been playing for 13 years He likes to go to gym almost every day. Sports are not Jeremy's only interests, in school he likes English, political science, history, math, and physical education. He feels that these subjects will be important in building international pre-business as well as knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle. He describes himself as open-minded, positive and ambiguous. His friends would say that he is a funny person and likes to be in the middle of attention. Family and friends are also important to Jeremy. With his friends he goes to movies, plays computer games and outdoor activities. With family they have meals together and on weekends we have a lot of people at our house. They also like to go out to eat together and he plays golf with my brothers and dad. Jeremy is helpful around the house helping with Cleaning, meal preparation/cleanup, pets, and with yard/garden work. On exchange Jeremy hopes that I will grow as a person and become more independent, and of course learn about the culture and be fluent in English.

History Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Liberia

Musa is a spirited 17 year old boy from Liberia who is a member of the peace making club in his city. He is an excellent student and has been awarded a scholarship to be able to attend the school he is going to. He is and has been president of his class for several years. Musa is a sporty guy who plays soccer, basketball and volleyball as well as running and jogging. He likes to read, watch movies and work on computers in his free time. At home he has to draw the water and enjoys helping out and caring for his siblings, though his parents want him to focus on his studies. In school Musa is a leader and especially loves the challenge of debate. Musa looks forward to being part of your family and learning the American way of volunteering and peacemaking. MUSA is a YES SCHOLARSHIP WINNER.

History Computer Games Music-Listen Mathematics Soccer
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Italy

Micol is an artistic 16 year old from Italy. Her dream is to be a fashion stylist or photographer. Micol attends a school for creative arts. She loves to be able to study fashion but also enjoys philosophy, art history and English. When not in school Micol plays the piano and competes in volleyball. Music gives her a sense of peace. Volleyball is a way to stay active and where she has her best friends. With her friends Micol likes to go shopping, to movies and just talk. Micol lives with her parents. Her older sister and nephews live nearby. They are a close family and they have travelled a great deal. Micol especially enjoyed New York. She is also close to her grandparents. She and her grandfather go skiing together. Micol prefers warmer climates, generally. She is excited to come to America for an exchange year. She would love to have a host family with a dog, but would prefer not to be in a home with spiders or reptiles as pets. Micol is a creative girl with a passion for travel, drawing and fashion. She would be an asset to an American family that is active and appreciates culture. ELTIS 224

Art Watching Sports Piano English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

15 year old Tobias from Germany loves all team sports, but especially soccer! He not only plays often, he earns some spending money being a referee several times a month. Tobias gets excellent grades in school and his teachers describe him as capable and friendly. Although undecided about his career, his volunteer job last summer at a hospital, helping the nurses and doctors, has him leaning towards pursuing a career in medicine. Tobias describes his family as traditional, sporty and active. They have dinner and breakfast together every day, and on weekends, they attend church together occasionally and go sightseeing. Tobias chores at home include cleaning his room, general home repairs, helping with meals, caring for his younger brother, helping with yard / garden work and washing the car. Tobias is excited to be in the USA, especially during the time leading up to a Presidential election. He wants to make this a great time to remember for you, his host family, and for himself. He thanks you for giving him the opportunity to spend a year in the USA and to be part of your family.

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen History Has Job
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Jordan

Arar is a 16 year old young man from Jordan. He likes several sports such as swimming and football, but his favorite is running. He listens to classical music, studies his favorite subject of physics daily and dreams of someday being a doctor. Arar says he would like to be a doctor to help the sick and poor people of the world. He has done some traveling but would really love to spend a year in the U.S. and learn about the culture and customs and be a part of an American family. Improving his English is a big task for Arar but he knows with your help he can do it. Arar has excellent grades and great study habits. He would like to thank you for allowing him to learn about your culture and customs and opening your house to him. YES SCHOLARSHIP WINNER

Physics Church/Syn Act Running-XC Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Sweden

Music, sports and academics are all equally important to Hugo, 17 from Sweden. He has been playing the violin and singing in choirs for a number of years and started playing the guitar about a year ago and he has developed a real passion for it. He currently plays basketball and tennis but has also played soccer and some other sports over the years. He makes excellent grades and especially likes chemistry and math and hopes to go on to be an Engineer. Hugo is the middle child, but only boy in his family which includes his mom, dad and two sisters. Hugo describes himself as neither an extrovert nor an introvert and he enjoys spending time with family and friends but also likes to have time for himself to play the guitar or read. During the summer Hugo and his family can be found on their boat, swimming and fishing. He describes his family's lifestyle as healthy and relatively "sporty". Having lived in the US from age 2 - 5 Hugo is anxious to return and experience the country from a different perspective.

Chemistry Paint/Draw Singing/Voice Mathematics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

After getting a taste of American culture at a summer camp last year, Chengye (or Bruce, as he likes to be called), is ready "to experience American life deeply and introduce Chinese culture to my host family." Bruce (15, China) is an avid athlete, playing basketball with friends at school, as well as table tennis and badminton. He has even tried his hand at American football and would love to play again. Bruce plans to be a businessman in the future and is therefore keen to improve his English, since it is used throughout the world. Bruce spends time with his immediate family visiting relatives or going out for dinner. He also takes care of his younger brother or helps to clean the house. He enjoys reading, shopping, travelling, and watching movies, or listening to pop music. When he is with friends, he is mainly playing basketball. Bruce is looking forward to meeting his American host family, playing lots of sports, and trying out some outdoor activities during his summer stay! SUMMER PROGRAM PARTICIPANT- MUST BE PLACED IN WESTERN, MA AREA

English Lang Reading Badminton Music-Listen Outdoor Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Meet Hiroto, a 16 year old young man from Japan. His teachers say that he is a well respected member of his class, a member of the student council and a person people look up to. Hiroto says he wants to spend a year in the U.S. to learn the language and culture and is excited about celebrating Christmas and New Years. In Japan they do not celebrate Christmas. He enjoys playing soccer, which he has played since he was 6 years old and he would like to join an American soccer team. Not sure exactly what he would like to do after school but knows he wants to go to a university in the U.S. and wants to work in a foreign country. Considered by his friends to be happy and helpful Hiroto enjoys spending time with his friends shopping or skateboarding or watching movies. "I don't know much about America but want to know everything about it" says Hiroto. He considers himself a hard worker, honest and is ready and excited about his new family.

Art Paint/Draw Soccer Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Sweden

Even though petsdog, cat, lizard, ponykeep the family busy, Henrik, 16 from Sweden, has yet another passion: snowboarding, which he hopes to continue on program. He has several other active interestsswimming, running and skiingand would like to participate in football and track-and-field next year. He likes to be out of doors, but, when there is nothing else to do, he enjoys seeing a movie. Another of Henriks interests is the trumpet. Of his playing he modestly says, maybe my friends play better. A good student, Henrik best likes Chemistry because he likes to experiment, and English, which he feels is necessary for both business and friendship. Outgoing, mature, polite and social. Henrik finds it easy to make friends: he was voted best comrade at his internationally oriented school last year. His family is also an international one, his mother Czech, his father, German and his twin siblings Swedish. Henrik is curious about what it is like to go to school in America and would like a teenaged sibling to guide him. Hendrik feels it would be great if you would take him into your family.

Chemistry Church Youth Group Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Sweden

Erik (16 in July) loves stretching himselfhe particularly enjoys acting and his drama groups improvs which help him go beyond his comfort zone socially and interactively. Although hed like to return to playing soccer on a team and doing other recreational activities like snowboarding, badminton and tennis, he is up for anything his host family enjoys. With a wide range of interests (liking animals, arts and crafts, baking, outdoor activitieslike sailing and trailing) he should adapt easily. Erik also likes fashion and shopping (he cant abide wearing ugly clothes), computer games and programming. Erik is used to adapting; he recently moved from Switzerland to Sweden where he enjoys trailing, movies and TV with his father. On holidays he flies to Switzerland to be with his mother. In school he enjoys English and history. Everybody agrees that Erik is open and friendly, talkative and calm. Friends add that he really listens to you. Erik appreciates your opening your home and is looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories.

History Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • France

Laure (17 in July) really wants to have some new friends, a new country, a new school, new sports, see new cities and discover a new culture. In France, she leads a fairly normal teenagers life: dining, going to church and traveling with her family. She has the usual rules and chores most teens have. And shopping with friends or family, is one of her major interests. She also enjoys movies, gymnastics, parties and long discussions with her friends. Other favorite activities include swimming, tennis, cooking, baking, shopping, photography and reading. Although she likes outdoor activities, Laure is a city girl who loves living in a sunny and crowded environment. A very good student, she likes scientific courses as well as English class because she hopes to become a chemist or a doctor. Not accustomed to dogs, she prefers any indoor pets are not in her bedroom. Laure is a bit reserved but kind, reliable and optimistic. She is eager to start communicating with her host family so that they can be friends when they meet. NM&ND

Chemistry Photography Piano Mathematics Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Italy

Curious, honest and polite, Clelia loves to be with people: her peers, her younger siblings and her parents and grandparents. Clelias friends think she is a nice, fun-to-be-with person who listens to them and is willing to help solve their problems. Clelia has a heavy schedule at schoolmodern and ancient languages, math, history and philosophyso she has little time for activities with her friends. But she does find some time for fun. She lives 5 minutes from the beach and swims with family or friends during the summer. During winter holidays she visits her mothers family in Switzerland and skis. But her favorite sport is horseback riding. She also enjoys animals. shopping, movies, photography, a church scoutlike group and walking. She plays the guitar and likes to listen to most kinds of music. She hopes to try some extra-curricular hereperhaps cheerleading. She already can cook and bake but wants to learn to cook really well. You will enjoy Clelia who wants to be a contributing member of your family in return for your making her dream of coming to America come true.

History Photography Skiing-Downhill Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Italy

Elena from Italy, (16) has dreamed about traveling abroad and jumped on the opportunity to come to the United States. Elena plays the piano, and is a swimmer and basketball player. Her hobbies include theater, cooking and baking, crafts, photography, reading magazines and blogs, watching sports, and shopping. She and her friends like to go skating and watch movies together. She is passionate about movies, particular action and drama. She hasn't decided on her career yet, but she thinks that being a film director or screenwriter might be a good fit for her. Those that know her describe her as outgoing, motivated, funny, and loyal. Elena and her family value their time together and like to spend time out of the city, barbecuing and playing Italian football. She hopes to make life-long friends during her year abroad and hopes that the experience will help her develop and grow as a person.

Languages Watching Sports Piano Theatre Arts Ice Skating
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Mexico

I am a good person who cares about others, says Alex. Others agree, adding that Alex is loving, friendly, talkative and kind. Alex loves the entire sports world, but his favorite sports are American football and soccer, both of which he has played for eight years. A social guy, Alex spends lots of time with his friends playing sports, going to the gym, going to parties, playing video games and eating out, especially at the local wings restaurant. Alex is close to his family, too, and enjoys their time together going to the movies, attending weekly church services, and traveling. When Alex needs quiet time he likes to read or go for a run with his dogs. Alex hopes to be a mechanical engineer one day, maybe even studying in the US. Alex likes our big country and cant wait to experience our culture and develop new relationships. He thanks his American family for opening their home and your heart to him and says, I will not disappoint.

Engineering Watching Sports Gym Workout Mathematics Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Germany

Maurice, nickname Momo (17) from Germany is a humorous and creative guy. Art is Momos passion and he loves to draw because it is a way to express his thoughts and emotions. He enjoys going to art museums or exhibits with his grandmother and his hobbies are reading thriller books, listen to music, riding his bike. He rides his bike to school and his favorite subjects are Art, English, chemistry and PE. He lives with his parents and older brother. On the weekends they enjoy a late breakfast together and on holidays they like to take a few small trips per year mostly in Germany, Spain or Denmark. He is thankful that they have given him the opportunity to go on exchange, and he wants to make the experience special with your help even if hell miss them while away. Momo describes himself as a good listener who is modest, considerate, kind hearted, and open minded. He likes to spend his free time with his friends and they have fun learning together. They go to the cinema, shopping or just talk. Sometimes they will play volleyball together. Momo is a big fan of the USA and is interested in the lifestyle, culture, family life and the school system. Im very excited to meet you

Art Paint/Draw Gym Workout Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Sweden

Oscar enjoys reading and being a member of boy scouts. "We have become so great friends that we see each other as family." At school, his favorite subjects in school are science, English, and history, but he particularly likes physics and learning about how the world and nature work. Oscar's family lives in the countryside, and he often spends time helping his parents outside, and they enjoy skiing, swimming, and bicycling together. But you can also find them playing board games or watching movies. He is the second of four children and calls their lifestyle as "easy-going." Oscar hopes that he will be able to try a new sport while in the United States, and he is very excited to learn more about American culture and traditions. He looks forward to meeting his new family and making friends in America! T5

Biology Computer Games Bicycling Mathematics Reading
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Germany

David enjoys school, music (choir, piano and CDs) and sports (judo, soccer, swimming, biking and skiing). A friendly and open young man, who has both a fun and a serious side, he has many friends who, like his teachers, say that he is hard working and adapts easily. In school, his grades have improved since he entered high school. His favorite subject, English, is easy for him because his mother has spoken it to him since he was 3. He also enjoys other languages and history. He is well spoken and communicates easily. Although he enjoys working independently, he asks good questions in class and helps to tutor others. A member of student council, he represents his class well. One of the reasons he likes his job delivering papers is being out in the fresh air. David comes from a small familyjust him, his mother and a tortoiseand would like to have a big host family. He attends church weekly and will do the same with you. He hopes to continue some sports and outdoor activities or new ones that his host family enjoys. Besides new activities, David hopes to improve his English and to sound more like an American.

History Has Job Soccer Singing/Voice Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Switzerland

Uncomplicated, intelligent, friendly, independent, cheerful and happy describe Mara, a 15 year old girl from German speaking Switzerland. She is a young lady with a long list of talents and interests but at the top of that list is her passion for soccer. Mara plays often and hopes to continue while on exchange. She enjoys soccer because it is a team sport so they win together and they lose together. Teamwork is also the reason she enjoys being part of a drama group. Mara describes one of her strengths as her openness to new ideas; she has never had a problem making friends at a new school or new class.. She chose the USA because it is an interesting country with almost endless possibilities. She is excited to experience small town America, high school and to have all the opportunities to participate in sports and to get to know more about our language and people. She promises to do her best in being an open-minded and cooperative young lady in your family. She will be happy, and also proud, to give something back by bringing some of her own Swiss Background into your family and community.

Science Theatre Arts Soccer Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 18 • Sweden

Veronica has waited so long to go to the US as an exchange student, and finally it is happening! She has never been to the United States before and she is so grateful that you will open your home to her. Above all, Veronica describes herself as social. I am not shy so I can talk to anybody. Even though I love to talk, Im very good at listening too. Veronica also enjoys horseback riding since she has been riding all her life. She and her family are very concerned with fitness so they live a very active life. She goes to the gym daily and often trains with her family. Although they have no pets, Veronica loves animals and she and her younger sister wish they could have a dog. Looking forward to her exchange year, Veronica writes, I hope that I will meet wonderful people who will be with me for the rest of my life and I hope that I will grow as a person. This experience is something I want to remember for the rest of my life and I will make it my best year ever. What I will get to experience and learn during my year in the US is something money cant buy.

Law Photography Gym Workout Music-Listen Physical Educ
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Japan

While this cheery student fills a room with laughter, Mizuki (16) from Japan can be serious too. Her teacher speaks very highly of Mizuki calling attention to her cheerful and diligent personality, well prepared and meticulous school work and willingness to go above and beyond to learn more English. Outside of school, where she has very good grades, she enjoys a variety of hobbies which include "talking, shopping, watching movies and TV, cooking, hiking, jogging, cleaning, reading book and magazines." Living with her parents, they each have their own schedules but often take the time to talk. Mizuki goes to an International School where there are many foreigners. She often helps out her classmates but she also finds them "very kind and funny." Mizuki is unsure of her career interests but knows it will have something to do with English. She prefers a host family without indoor pets.

History Photography Badminton Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Ana Carolina
Female • 16 • Brazil

Calm, respectful and fun are just a few words to describe Ana Carolina, 16 year old from Brazil. She plays team handball and loves it because of her many friends on the team. Her favorite subjects in school are biology, history and geography because these are subjects that identify in her opinion and are the most interesting. Ana enjoys time on the weekend with her parents going to visit relatives or going out with her friends. They enjoy going shopping at the mall, to the movie theater, to the beach or having barbecues. She loves animals especially dogs making new friends practicing outdoor activities and just sitting around listening to music. Ana hopes this exchange will make her more independent, and expects that through all these new experiences it will contribute to her development and maturity which will make her a better person. She choose the USA because English is an universal language and she hopes it will help her to improve speaking it, and understanding it better when she returns. Her expectations are that she will learn a lot and is very happy and excited to know she will meet new people that have different culture and traditions that she would love to be a part of. Ana would love to be a part of your family and is hoping that maybe it will be you.

Biology Music-Listen History Movies Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

This fifteen year old student from Germany loves languages and hopes to be a diplomat someday. Yasmina lives with her mom, two brothers and a sister. They have a dog Foxi and three rabbits who live in their house and garden. Yasmina loves her busy life with school, family and friends. With friends she visits, listens to music, dances, goes ice skating and to the movies. She been a part of a dance team for two years. At school, she has trained as a volunteer to be a mediator, solving problems among students and between students and teachers. She is a very good student and was spokeswoman for her class. Her favorite subjects are French, English and politics. As the oldest child in her family, she helps with the household, pets and her three younger siblings. Although Yasmina reads many books and watches many movies about America, she would like to see it with her own eyes and be a part of it herself. With her light heart and generous spirit, she will be a pleasure for her host family.

History Movies Dance Team Music-Listen Languages
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Brazil

Say hello to Vinicius (Vini), a 17 year old boy from Brazil! Vini describes himself as calm and smiling. His teachers think he is flexible, helpful to other students and has a good sense of humor. Vini likes adventurous and outdoor activities like biking and playing sports and his favorite sport is soccer. He has played for many years and hopes to continue to play soccer while on exchange. Although he prefers to be active, Vini also enjoys relaxing activities such as going to the beach or watching movies with his family. He gets along very well with his family which includes his parents and a younger brother and sister. They enjoy eating out and traveling together. Vinis chores at home include cleaning, helping with meals, watching younger siblings, doing his own laundry, washing the car and helping with yardwork. Vini has visited the USA and found Americans very kind and polite. He wants to spend a year in the country where people have more opportunities and he says thank you to you for opening your house to him!

History Watching Sports Bicycling Music-Listen Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • China

I believe that its very important for people to wear a smile on their faces all the time. Zhiling (16) of China writes, I know girls that always smile to the world are always lucky. Zhilings English name is Rose which seems very appropriate for this cheerful girl. Rose loves to act and takes a community class in acting with her friends. She loves to try a different kind of life if only for a while on stage. Rose also enjoys badminton, Tae-kwon-do and swimming. In her quiet times she likes to read, play the bamboo flute, and help her parents with whom she is close. I love my parents very much because they enjoy their lives, cherish each other and often smile. Rose dreams of an active and loving host family with siblings and pets, but please no creepy, crawly pets like spiders and snakes! In her host family she hopes to learn things about American culture that you cant learn in a book, and she hopes to share her Chinese culture with you. I wish to have an excellent time with you, share our happiness and sadness, just like a real family! ROCKIES

English Lang Theatre Arts Martial Arts Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Marcus Arnoldd
Male • 17 • Denmark

Are you crazy about sports? If so, Marcus is the boy for you! Marcus loves all sports, especially soccer, American football and hockey. He even has some favorite American teams: Dallas Cowboys, Boston Bruins and the Sacramento Kings. Marcus comes from a large family; he lives with his mother, stepfather and 4 siblings. He is used to a highly structured lifestyle and is most comfortable with structure. He is a warm and loving person who will never give up until he achieves his dream. His teachers share that he has a sense of humor, and has a positive regard for others. Marcus is an active class participant, and always completes his classwork on time. Marcus loves the American spirit, and wants to experience more of it during his exchange year. Will Marcus fulfill his dream by becoming part of your family?

Languages Watching Sports Movies Soccer Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Germany

Marching band, here she comes! Carina (15) from Germany is a musical girl who enjoys playing clarinet in an orchestra with the rest of her family members. Her other hobby is dancing, which she loves to do with her friends. At home, she loves spending time with her cat and envisions her own family home someday complete with a cat. Carina enjoys vacationing with her family, (she's the oldest of three children). Carina is a serious student which shows in her grades. At school, she is known as a team player whose open-mindedness and sense of humor positively influence other people. In the future, Carina envisions working as an English teacher. She is very excited about coming to the U.S. and thanks her future host family for considering her as part of the family.

Chemistry Dance-Jazz/Mod Orchestra/Band English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Thailand

Meet kind Somjintana (17 from Thailand) whose family and friend relationships are important to her. Everyone describes her to be considerate, helpful, and responsible. Somjintana loves to read novels and hopes to someday write a story. Her favorite activities are cooking and the arts. Perhaps she will prepare some of her best Thai dishes for you. She loves children and animals, especially cats. With the goal of becoming a translator, Somjintana will work hard to improve her English skills while in America. During her exchange, she hopes to make many new friends, to increase her life skills, and learn about our culture while sharing her own culture. She would also be interested in a community service volunteer opportunity. Somjintana thanks you for hosting a YFU student and looks forward to meeting you and becoming part of your family. ROCKIES

English Lang Cooking/Baking Swimming Music-Listen Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • France

Described as sporty, easy-going and well-balanced, Lilou from France says that she would be happy to bake you her favorite chocolate cake or other sweet dessert! Lilou is comfortable being part of a big family, she has 4 siblings and has a close relationship with all of them. Lilou loves all kinds of sports and especially enjoys participating in gymnastics regularly. She also likes to play tennis and handball, swim, dance, or ski in the winter. One of her favorite activities to do with her family is to travel. They've had some amazing trips, including trips to hike in the desert, sailing vacations, and a few adventures in the U.S. During her free time, Lilou likes to spend time with her friends shopping, watching movies, and having the occasional sleepover. But she also doesn't mind spending time alone, reading a good book or listening to music. Lilou had the opportunity to spend 2 months last summer in the US on a short exchange program, and is looking forward to a whole year here, learning a new way of life and sharing a little bit about herself and her culture with her host family.

Mathematics Cooking/Baking Music-Listen Physics Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • France

Fifteen year old Julien describes himself as open-minded and says his friends would describe him as talkative and funny. "I love to watch American basketball. My favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers." After playing on a team in France, Julien can't wait to play some basketball in the USA! He is also on a tennis team. Julien enjoys listening to pop, rap, and hip-hop music plus he enjoys drawing, painting and photography. Some of his other interests include computer science, programming, and web design. Since he wants to become a doctor, it is not surprising that his favorite subjects are math, biology, and physics. Belonging to a family with three boys, family activities often include seeing movies and eating out. Julien's chores at home include cleaning his room, doing laundry, doing yard work, and helping with his two younger brothers. Understanding that having the chance to spend a year with an American family is quite a unique experience, Julien is looking forward to learning where he'll be living. T-12

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen Mathematics Web Design
unbooked STUDENT
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