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Male • 16 • China

Honest, friendly and curious, Shengwei, from China, loves to play soccer. He lives with his mother and father and describes his family as very close. They do many things together such as going to the seaside in the summer and skiing in the winter. Other outdoor activities include biking and hiking. He can also be found practicing Tai Chi and playing table tennis. Like most teenage boys, Shengwei enjoys being with friends and likes to watch movies and sports and play computer games. His real passion, however, is space and someday he wants to be a researcher in this field. Geography and physics are among his favorite subjects. During his exchange, he hopes to obtain a deeper understanding of the American culture with the help of his host family. He also hopes to cook Chinese food for them to show his gratitude. T-5

Physics Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Geography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • China

Xuefei (who prefers to be called Irving) loves sports and music. He is a huge fan of the LA Lakers, especially Kobe Bryant, and enjoys pick-up games with his friends. He is a structured student who enjoys practicing fencing and playing a Chinese stringed instrument called a Guzheng, in the folk music band. It comes as no surprise that Irving is known to get along well with his classmates and studies hard. A warm-hearted boy, he is an avid volunteer and has participated in the Model UN club at his school. Irving loves the outdoors and spending time with his friends swimming, biking, watching movies and enjoying music. His favorite singer is Justin Bieber, and he attended a Bieber concert in 2013 (he said it was amazing). Irving is anxious to learn the culture of America and feels that it is magical and a great symbol of freedom. He says his exchange year will be a great chance to make new friends and learn English. Irving keeps his room clean, helps his Mom cook, does his own laundry and washes the car. Introduce Irving to your favorite team this school year (or watch the Lakers with him)! T-8

Chemistry Computer Games Music-Listen Mathematics Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • China

LeYuan (who would like to be called Jason while on exchange), already has an idea of what he wants to learn this coming year! This bright and funny guy hopes to improve his cooking skills, play football, learn to play guitar and make good memories with his host family and new friends while here. Self-described as easy going, confident, optimistic, independent, enthusiastic and outgoing with a sense of humor, Jason likes to cook, play soccer and listen to music. With a younger brother, Jason calls his family a "warm family and we love each other." They often enjoy movies, shopping, hiking, and traveling during summer vacation. He is excited to start his year in the US and make as many new friends as possible. Welcome this funny, easy going 15-year-old and from China into your home and let Jason show you what China is all about!

Geography Watching Sports Soccer Music-Listen Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • China

A leader in his class and often asked for help with English by his peers, Rongsheng has traveled to America twice and lived with an American family for a couple of weeks. Now he is ready for the challenge of incorporating into a family for an entire year. Rongsheng describes himself as lively and helpful. He is involved in a Red Cross group that works with the elderly on weekends. Rongsheng and his friends like to go bike riding and play video games together. He also loves to play with his dog, Andrew. Rongsheng lives with his parents and he and his mother cook together while he and his dad he like to go running. Rongsheng looks forward to learning more about the culture in America, improving his English and strengthening his independence. T-12

Computer Games Bicycling Cooking/Baking Civic Youth Group Family/Friends
unbooked STUDENT
Emmanuel Epaphras
Male • 16 • Ghana

Meet 16 year old Emmanuel from Ghana. His favorite subject in school is economics and one day he aspires to become a fashion designer and even have his own clothing line. He enjoys economics because, "it teaches the principles of how to manage ones life". Church is very important to Emmanuel and he attends weekly with his family, something he would definitely be willing and eager to do while on exchange with your family. Emmanuel is no stranger to American culture and he already enjoys American music and sports, like the NBA. Emmanuel describes himself as honest, loyal, and hardworking. In his free time he also likes to sketch and draw different things. He hopes to return to Ghana after exchange with the skills, knowledge, and experiences learned from exchange to improve his hometown the way the first president of Ghana did. Emmanuel has big plans and dreams, would you like to be part of that journey?

Paint/Draw Music-Listen Photography Church/Syn Act Outdoor Act.
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Korea

Social and outgoing, Kyuri from Korea loves to make new friends! Kyuri is looking forward to joining school activities, and is excited to find out what family life is like in the U.S. At home, Kyuri takes the dog for walks, helps her dad to do the cooking, and describes her mom as a close friend. Kyuri participates in a walking club at school, and also is a member of an international exchange club run by the British Embassy. She plays both the violin and the piano, and enjoys practicing taekwondo. Her favorite hobby, though, is drawing! She has never had a chance to take formal classes, but she has loved drawing since she was a small child. Kyuri is looking forward to the opportunity to introduce her host family to some delicious Korean food, and some traditional music. Kyuri will attend Pope John HS in Everett, MA.

Languages Paint/Draw Martial Arts Piano Cooking/Baking
unbooked STUDENT
Shams Aldeen
Male • 16 • West Bank

This YES Scholarship winner loves drawing. Shams, 16, from the West Bank, thinks that someday he might like to become a writer and artist for manga books (a type of comic book). Shams also loves reading, listening to music, watching sci-fi, mystery, and comedy movies, and playing both video games and volleyball with his friends. He is an excellent student and especially likes art, history, and geography. He has several older siblings, and as a family, they clean the house and take care of their rooftop garden. Aside from this, Sham's daily responsibilities include helping his mother, buying groceries and and keeping up his grades. Sham says that he is "almost" a vegetarian, which is considered quite unique in his culture! He also says that he has many interests and loves to challenge himself, and has many plans for his future. He is looking forward to building a relationship with his host family that will last forever, and Sham hopes to think of you as his second family.

Art Paint/Draw Music-Listen History Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Kosovo

Ermal is a YES SCHOLARSHIP WINNER. Meet Ermal (16 in summer) from Kosovo who considers himself friendly, hard working, and appreciative of his family and friends. In his family of five he is the middle child. He enjoys dinner time with his family when they talk about the day's activities and issues. He jogs regularly because it helps out when playing his other two sports: basketball and soccer. On weekends, Ermal and his friends like to have fun and hang out at a cafe. With very good grades, his teachers consider him one of the most polite students they've ever had. They say that he is a very motivated learner and works well with others. Ermal plans to study economics to become an accountant and hopes that that will enable him to give back to his family and his country. Ermal looks forward to his exchange year, meeting you and making new friends.

Economics Movies Mathematics Reading Bicycling
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Mongolia

Meet Boldsaikhan, friends call him Buvaa (boo-baah). He lives with his Grandmother and big sister. He is an avid basketball player but also enjoys playing a variety of other sports like: volleyball, soccer, ping-Pong, swimming and billiards. He describes himself as kind, hardworking, funny, honest, outgoing and adventurous person that loves to spend time outdoors. At school Buvaa excels academically and likes history, physics, biology, and sociology classes. Buvaa is spontaneous and enjoys new situations. He make friends easily which will bode well for him on exchange in addition to his respect and value of cleanliness, privacy, others "space". He writes, "I learned to never take things for granted and to be humble. I highly value quality relationships and hope to make some real connections while abroad." In addition, Buvaa is a big fan of the Miami Heat and would love to play some 21 or PIG out on the court with you!

Biology Watching Sports Music-Listen History Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Ukraine

Meet 17-year old Danylo from Ukraine who tells us that his mother says he could dance and sing before he could walk or talk. He loves to play the guitar and cherishes unforgettable moments when singing songs with groups around the fire. With an optimistic personality, Danylo is sociable, reliable, honest, and easy going. He is active in the Student Government, School Volunteer Service, Ecology Project, Computer Club, English Club, and more. With family or friends, he enjoys picnics in the forest, travel, and time spent together. Danylo is very close to his parents and his cat. He is interested in sports such as basketball, traveling to see more of this "beautiful world", and especially learning languages. He believes that "studying and advancing understanding until death is the unmistakable mark of an educated man". This exchange will be the beginning of making his dream come true. DANYLO IS A FLEX SCHOLARSHIP WINNER.

Computer Games Swimming Singing/Voice School Act. Running/Jogging
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Norway

Meet 17 year old Vilde from Noway. Vilde is an adventurous and open minded young girl who excels academically back home but has not completely decided on a future occupation. She writes, "I want to become a sports physiotherapist and study in Denmark. Or maybe go to police academy and educate me further police investigation." Friends and family describe Vilde as bubbly, positive, and and curious. Vilde attends a "physical education" high school where they combine top level sports and general academics. Cross Country skiing is by far the most important sport to Vilde and is something she has done for the past 8 years. Check out her photos and you will find that she pursues the sport even when no snow is available by using a sort of wheel rigged set up that would remind you of elongated roller blades. Exercising is very important to Vilde and when shes not tearing it up cross country she can be found running through the forest, trekking mountains, or just staying fit in her home town gym. Vilde looks forward to all the new experiences she will share with you and your family and thanks you for considering to host with YFU.

Photography Gym Workout Music-Listen Hike/Backpack Skiing-X Cntry
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Ghana

Kelvin from Ghana is an active 17 year old who is the oldest of four siblings. He is described as friendly, outgoing, gentle, appreciative, determined, and adaptable just to name a few. His favorite sport is Basketball, it keeps him active and fit. His favorite subject is math Some of Kelvins hobbies are listening to music, Computer game, Drawing, Outdoor activities, Reading, Traveling, Volunteering, and watching movies and sports. Kelvin is family orientated and when they do many activities together. They attend festivals, horse racing at the stadium, church and they enjoy going to the beaches on holidays. Kelvin is used to helping out around the house by helping with meal preparation/cleanup, cleaning the house, watching younger siblings, and helping with yard / garden work. Kelvin is curious and always ready to learn his favorite subject is math because it makes him think critically. This is very helpful for his future career goal of being an Environmental Health Officer because he believes in prevention and educating others on how to avoid communicable diseases.

Mathematics Watching Sports Music, General Computer Games Movies
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Ghana

Meet 16 year old Hillary from Ghana! She is active in both SYTO (student youth travel organisation), and Drama club at her boarding school. She enjoys music, photography, dancing, acting, sports; although she is admittedly non competitive. Hillary writes, "Dancing helps me stay healthy and active, music keeps me relaxed, photography enables me to keep memories of events, and sports keeps me healthy. She is a very pragmatic girl and friends describe her generous, kind, and tidy. She plays the tenor drum for the last two years. Her favorite subject is geography and she excels academically with her natural interest in studying biology and ecosystems.. She also enjoys economics and hopes this will help her in her plans to be an investment banker someday. During Hillary's exchange year she hopes to become better at English, study new ideas, and become more cultural tolerant by the exposure to different lifestyles. Dual and Single approved.

Economics Watching Sports Percussion Geography Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Sweden

Emili is a kind and intelligent 15-year-old girl with an international background. Born in Russia with a Russian mother and Swedish father, the family moved to Sweden when Emili was a baby and that is where she grew up. The family moved to Spain when Emili was 7 years old and they lived there for 6 years. They moved back to Sweden one year ago. Now she lives in Sweden with her mother and older brother who are both pianists. Thanks to Emili's international background she learned to appreiciate different cultures and languages. She thinks that USA would suit her great as it is a mix of cultures there and she hopes to move to USA after she finishes high school in Sweden. Emili's passion is music and theater and one day she would like to be an actress. Physical activities like dancing flamenco, playing basketball or taking long walks are things she likes to do. She plays the flute and recently started taking piano lessons. Her interest in music ranges from pop to classical. With her family she likes to go to the movies and eat out. Summer family activities include swimming and traveling. With her friends, she shops, goes to the movies, or just hangs out. Other interests include cooking, being around animals, drawing, painting, photography and reading. On her exchange Emili would like to be in a sport group/club like basketball, or dance of any kind. I hope to feel like a member of the family and Im very excited to meet you!

History Watching Sports Singing/Voice English Lang Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Ecuador

Meet Luis, age 16, from Equador! Luis, who goes by his nickname of Luchito, practices a vegetarian diet but can drink milk and eat cheeses. Luchito's favorite school subjects are languages and math, and he hopes to become an industrial engineer one day. He also writes that he wants to be a part of the family business exporting bicycle and motorbike parts. Traveling is something that Luchito hopes to continue one day with potential trips to Greece, Italy, Iceland, and Argentina. Self described as smart, sociable, responsibile, and confident, Luchito writes that really enjoys playing soccer and basketball. Other hobbies include reading books, playing chess, watching tv, and listening music. He also enjoys being around animals, computer games, drawing, meeting with friends, watching sports, and being oudoors. Besides helping his father with the family business, Luchito keeps his room clean, helps with younger siblings and pets, and general home repairs. With Christian beliefs, Luchito writes that he is willing to attend church with his American host family.

Languages Watching Sports Music-Listen Mathematics Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

With a huge passion for music, friendly Yunosho is ready to bring beautiful melodies into his new American home. He has studied music and played the piano and violin since the age of three, and says that he has perfect pitch. He is now playing the Euphonium in a brass band. Yunsho often cooks dinner for himself and is excited to cook Japanese meals for his American family. His hobbies include computer games, watching movies, being with friends and family, playing volleyball, and volunteering.

Music Computer Games Brass Instr. Cooking/Baking Piano
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Italy

Frederica says she is cheerful and likes to help others. She loves sports and animals and says she would like to study veterinary medicine. She also says she is self-confident (and admits she can also be a little stubborn) - always working to reach her goals. Frederica says her family loves to prepare big meals - and she is happy to help. She likes eating healthy and does not eat beef or pork, though she enjoys chicken, fish and dairy products. Staying fit is important and she goes to the gym, jogs, bicycles and plays volleyball. A typical teenager, Frederica likes being with friends - going to movies, organizing parties or just hanging out together eating pizza. She also likes to read, draw and is into acting and theater. Frederica is looking forward to learning about the American way of life.

Psychology Theatre Arts Bicycling English Lang Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Lithuania

Travel is the main passion of 17-year-old Ieva from Lithuania. She has always wanted to visit her dream country America. She likes meeting new people, talking to them and listening to their stories and wants to experience life not as a tourist but as a local person. She lives with her mother, stepfather and younger brother, and enjoys visiting her older brother and spending time with her two other younger siblings who live in another country. Interests include meeting with friends, watching movies, outdoor activities, exercising at the gym, reading and photography. Ieva expresses herself through drawing, but admits she is not very good at it. And while she usually fails when cooking, she still would like to learn how and so keeps trying. Ieva does not eat fish. When asked what she wants to do on her exchange, she says I am open to learn new things, so I would definitely try out everything that people find fun in my area. Also I have always wanted to learn how to surf. All in all, I would like to thank my host family and I cant wait to see you!

Psychology Paint/Draw Swimming Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Bulgaria

Kristina from Bulgaria, who turns 17 in July, is described as friendly, positive, creative, and as someone who adapts easily. She says her family is a "typical Bulgarian family", and with three sisters she is used to being part of a large one! Kristina has been playing the piano for the last two years, and also likes to sing, although she admits she isn't very good at it. She also loves spending time with friends or curling up with a good book, but her favorite hobby is drawing. In fact, she hopes to use this talent to become a fashion designer. Kristina would love to have a host family with children, and she is looking forward to "an exciting year abroad", getting to know a new culture and learning all about the American way of life!

History Watching Sports Chorus/Choir Languages Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 15 • Saudi Arabia

Maan is a YES SCHOLARSHIP WINNER. He loves to play & watch soccer as it is very popular in his country. He lso likes swimming, basketball, video games and listening to music. He hopes to become an engineer and excels in academic courses including Math and Science. He has competed in The English Language Olympiad, a science contest, and a comic show. He lives with his extended family (16 in all) including his parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. So for this reason family is very important to him. They often enjoy BBQ's, lively conversations, board games and cards. He comes from a community he describes as very friendly, generous, and nice.. He did a one month student exchange to Germany and now looks forward to being part of your family for the academic year.

Art Cards Music-Listen Computers Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 15 • Korea

Jae-yeon (15 from Korea) attends a foreign language high school. In addition to her love of English, Jae loves music and singing. She enjoys volunteering to help others. As a member of UNICEF in school, they made dolls to sell and donate the proceeds to those in need. Jae is energetic, outgoing and joyful, loves people, and is a good listener who provides sound counsel to friends. Her family enjoys time together going for walks and talking about the week's events, and sometimes playing badminton. She wants to experience different cultures and to understand various people. Excited while at the same time nervous, Jae can't wait to meet you and is grateful for your kindness in hosting her and welcoming her as a new family member.

English Lang Computer Games Badminton Singing/Voice Music
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Russia

Meet musician Dmitry (17 from Russia) who aspires to be a professional drummer and currently plays in bands of diverse musical genres, and he plays guitar and bass guitar. He considers himself to be happy, funny, good-natured, communicative, and he likes to be helpful. Nicknamed Dima, he likes to play soccer and volleyball, and is interested in most sports. He enjoys building things such as the doghouse that he and his uncle built for a stray to keep it warm. Family is important to him and he loves children, especially his little sisters. He also loves to travel anywhere, but mostly to the mountains where he can see far and wide. With his many friends, Dima mostly likes to hang out talking or go for walks. He looks forward to meeting you soon.

Mathematics Watching Sports Percussion Sociology Paint/Draw
unbooked STUDENT
Muhammad Nur
Male • 15 • Indonesia

15-year-old Muhammad, better known as Imad, loves anything that has to do with computers and science. His favorite subject in school is math as he hopes to be a computer programmer one day. He lives with his mother, father and two younger brothers in Indonesia. With his family, he likes going to restaurants and shopping. With his friends, he also goes shopping and plays arcade games and enjoys sleepovers. His main interests are computer games, programming, reading, watching movies and sports (especially soccer), photography, cooking and listening to music. He is okay with dogs as long as they dont enter his bedroom. Im a respectful person so dont worry if you have any house rules, I will follow it. He is really curious about America, its culture and its way of life. Im deeply honored to be given this opportunity to be a member of your family." Ask to listen to Imad voice recording!

Mathematics Watching Sports Music-Listen Photography Computer Games
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Brazil

Daniel is a curious, kind, 16 year old student from Brazil who loves playing ping pong , soccer, and Japaese culture. He lives with his mom and an older brother who is a sailor. Before his dad died a few years ago he stayed with him on summer vacations. Daniel loves animals and has a dog and two cats. His favorite school subjects are math, he enjoys the challenge, history and physical education. His teacher said he had great relationships with his classmates and teachers. He helps others and is a good listener. With his friends he plays League of Legends, plays soccer, visit the malls and talk,talk, talk! His friends see him as funny, cool and a geek. With his open-mind and helpful spirit he will make friends, be a pleasure for his host family and come to know America and our culture.

Art Movies Soccer Music-Listen History
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Germany

Fluent in both German and Russian, Andreas loves all kinds of sports - but don't ask him to just watch them on tv, he'd much rather participate! Andreas says that he is very active and loves to move. He enjoys working out at the gym, playing soccer with his friends, riding his bike to school - and in the past he has tried break dancing, boxing, and jiu-jitsu. He can't wait to try some typical American sports and activities! Andreas describes himself as a very social and chatty person, and he loves to spend time with his family and friends. He enjoys going to movies, listening to music, and drawing. Andreas is excited to have the opportunity to learn about American culture and daily life, but he also hopes to share his German culture with his new-found friends and host family.

Physical Educ Paint/Draw Sports, General Music-Listen Photography
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 18 • Czech Republic

With widely diverse interests, 17-year old Dominik (Czech Republic) enjoys sports of all kinds, whether organized, or just kicking around a soccer ball with his friends. He describes himself as a friendly, trustworthy, hard-working geek who enjoys learning new things. Though he loves computers and how they work, he believes that getting out and moving is vital to a person. Dominik enjoys participating in science competitions, and solving riddles and problems. Looking after body, mind and his soul, he set up a home recording studio where he plays guitar, ukulele, recorder, piano, and sings. He aspires to become an engineer or physicist to invent improved prosthetic limbs, flying cars, etc. Beyond that, he would like to become a teacher/professor. Dominik thanks you for opening your home to an exchange student. FALL Semester Student.

Computers Watching Sports Soccer Chorus/Choir Mathematics
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 16 • Italy

Arista is a 16 year old student from Italy who loves sports, especially soccer, acting, parks and horseback riding. She lives with her parents and brother. Together they attend church, go to the movies and have travelled to the U.S. a number of times and to European cities. She played soccer for eight years, at first with the boys and now plays on a women's team. Arista has been on a swim team for thirteen years. She loves the camaraderie of sports! Her favorite school subjects are math and English. Her teacher finds her to be very helpful to other student socially and with schoolwork. Arista likes animals, especially dogs but has allergies to their fur. With her kind spirit and active way she will be a pleasure to her host family. She will be happy to attend both her own religious services if possible on occasion and her host family's religious services on occasion.

Science Watching Sports Music-Listen History Theatre Arts
unbooked STUDENT
Female • 17 • Japan

Rina is a 16 year old girl from Japan. Her teachers view her as adaptable, attentive, active and cooperative. Rina loves to listen to music. Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and One Direction. Rina enjoys playing sports, especially tennis, which she has played for three years. She also has an interest in soccer and volleyball. Rina loves to cook, and cooks for her family about twice per week. Her menu includes Japanese food, snacks and cakes. She tries to be helpful at home, including housecleaning, doing laundry, helping with the pets and her younger siblings, cleaning her room, and helping with general home repairs. Rina wants to have a challenging experience while in the US. Will she spend it with your family?

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 17 • Brazil

Lucas is a 16 year old student from Brazil who loves horseback riding, tennis and biology. He lives with his mother, his maternal grandparents and great-grandparents. His father and sister live nearby. With his family he enjoys going to the beach, the theater, and traveling. Lucas's friends describe him as friendly, fun, and generous. His teacher finds him to have leadership amoung his classmates, helpful and able to interact with everyone. He thinks he wants to become a ship's pilot, who is an mariner who maneuvers a ship through dangerous waters such as a harbor or a river mouth. Lucas is hoping to come to the U.S. to find a new family and out how Americans think. He will be happy to attend religious services with his host family ocassionally.

Computers Watching Sports Tennis Music-Listen Biology
unbooked STUDENT
Male • 16 • Japan

Sporty Keita (16 from Japan) has played baseball, soccer, and American football, does weight training, and he loves to go watch action movies with his friends. In the future, Keita thinks he would like to be a sort of ambassador liaison between his country and others. His teacher says that Keita is a leader in class activities, popular, and responsible. He hopes to have the opportunity to try different water sports such as skiing while on exchange. He looks forward to knowing more in depth about the U.S. culture, making many new friends, and reaching his goal of fluency in English. He is excited to meet you and become a part of your family, and thanks you for this opportunity.

Mathematics Watching Sports Baseball Music-Listen English Lang
unbooked STUDENT
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