What kind of exchange experience do you want?
I want to spend a all program lengths  studying in Chile, or maybe all regions. And I'm looking for something with a traditional exchange  and I definitely want to show off my need for  any language skills. Can I go whenever?
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    all regions
    Africa & Middle East
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    Eastern Europe
    Latin America
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    Western Europe
  • Pick a place, any place.

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    Any language requirements?

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    a traditional exchange
    a gap year option
    college & university programs
    language classes
    a connection to the Arts
    sports & outdoors
  • How long I want to go.

    All program lengths

    When can I leave?

    May to September
    December to March

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Scholarships Available

352 - Founder's Scholarship
348 - Key Club/Key Leader Scholarshi...
353 - Presidential Scholarship
289 - World Affairs Council of North...
368 - YFU Community Grant

Age Requirement

Students must be born between January 1, 1998 and January 1, 2000. Students who do not meet this age requirement or who will graduate from high school before the start of their program will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.


Spanish. Basic knowledge of Spanish recommended.

Host Family Placement

Throughout the country.


March to July and July to December, with a summer vacation from January until March.


Optional educational trips to the South of Chile are also available for an additional fee (700).

Want to go to the end of the world? You might explore the Antarctic with its glaciers, the botanic wonderland of the Juan Fernandez Islands, or Easter Island with its famous giant statues, the Moai.
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Academic Programs

During your time in Chile, you will live with a host family and attend a local school. Part of your exchange experience will be:

School: Most students attend private schools and are placed in the third year of high school studies. Courses at any type of schools are generally compulsory so you will not have the option of choosing classes. Students will study Spanish, math, history, science, music, art and physical education.

Orientations: All students applying for the semester or year program must be available for a mandatory 3-day National Pre-Departure Orientation, which usually takes place in mid-July. This orientation is a required part of your program aimed to prepare you for your experience overseas and is covered through your program tuition. All students will participate in a one-day local pre-departure orientation in May or June. You will have an arrival, a mid-year, and a re-entry orientation during your time in Chile. During these orientations you will meet with other students from all over the world who have chosen to study abroad in Chile with YFU!

Optional Excursions: There may be educational excursions and sightseeing trips during your stay in Chile, including a 10 day trip in April and a trip to the South of Chile. These are optional and involve an additional fee to be paid upon arrival on program.

Additional Costs: YFU will pay for registration and tuition fees for enrollment in school, but students must cover the costs of books, uniforms and activities fees (approx. $200), and transportation (approx. $100 per month). Personal spending money of approximately $200 per month is recommended. 

Visa Information:  The visa process for students going to Chile is complicated and may involve multiple trips to a consulate.  While students are on the exchange program in Chile, their parents may be required to visit the consulate again to obtain additional visa documents. Students requiring a visa may need to initiate an FBI background check as part of the visa application process.  This background check can take 12 weeks or more to complete, so it is recommended that students initiate this process as soon as possible. Please visit the Embassy of Chile webpage and find the consulate that has jurisdiction over your state for more information. Beginning in July 2014, the Chilean Government now requires that all foreign students under the age of 18 bring a copy of their birth certificate translated to Spanish and legalized in the Chilean consulate. This document is in addition to the natural parent authorization to leave Chile which also must be legalized at the Chilean Consulate. Students are responsible for paying all fees associated with obtaining the visa, including travel to the consulate or embassy if necessary. 

Important Information: Students who do not meet the language requirement of basic knowledge of Spanish must take an intensive Spanish language course upon arrival at an additional cost of around $500.  Motivation and willingness to learn the language is essential.

Tuition Includes


-Placement with a host family
-Enrollment in a local Danish high school
-Airport transfers
-Domestic and international travel
-All pre-departure and post arrival orientations
-Pre-program support by trained YFU staff
-Support from a YFU Denmark Area Representative while on program 

Application Deadline 

The application deadline for all 2016 winter and spring departure programs (January-March) is October 1, 2015. The deadline to apply for scholarships is December 1, 2015. The deadline for all 2016 summer and fall departure programs (June-September) is March 15, 2016. Programs can fill up before the deadline, so we encourage early submission!







Programs Code Departure Return Tuition
Academic Year
Academic Year Winter


late July
early January

early July
early January

Academic Semester
Academic Semester Winter


late July
early January

early January
early July

Summer Volunteer Abroad Program


early June

late August