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As a YFU volunteer, you not only help change the lives of students, but you can help change the world. For over 60 years, YFU has successfully carried out our mission thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers across the country and many more around the globe.


Why volunteer

The volunteer spirit is embodied by the individuals and families who devote their energy, experience, and empathy to every YFU student. At YFU, our host families, educational communities, and volunteers help young people become wiser people – safely, securely, confidently.  Unlike other exchange programs, we are a volunteer program, which means we do this simply because we love it.


YFU is a strong and vibrant organization because of the collective efforts of a broad and diverse volunteer base. Our volunteers enable us to host more than 2,000 international students and send nearly 500 American students abroad each year.


YFU volunteers provide essential support to students, families and other volunteers in a variety of ways.


As an organization, we value flexibility in terms of hours and location of your volunteer activities. With many different volunteer roles available, you can find the one that best meets your needs in terms of scheduling and interests.

Some volunteer opportunities may include: interviewing prospective exchange students and host families, conducting orientations, sharing information with local communities or providing administrative support. When you join YFU USA as a volunteer, you become part of one of the most respected programs in international student exchange. Your involvement makes a real difference in the lives of teenagers, families, your local community and the world.

To start making a difference, apply now to be a YFU volunteer.


Kelli & Joe, Volunteers & Hosts, Tennessee

Kelli and Joe became volunteers for YFU in 2006, a year after they first welcomed two exchange students. Their willingness to host orientations at their home, not to mention their love of the students and the benefits of foreign exchange made them perfect candidates. Neither of them was new to volunteering, though. Both Kelli and Joe are on the board of directors for the Eskimo Escapades, which is an annual fundraiser to benefit people who have suffered injuries as a result of physical or mental disabilities.

YFU thanks Kelli and Joe for helping to build wonderful relationships with schools, families and students in the Kentucky/Tennessee field!


Who are YFU volunteers?

YFU volunteers have varied backgrounds, occupations and ages. They’re professionals, parents, retired or recent college grads. Some of our volunteers were even exchange students or a host family.

YFU volunteers:

  • Desire to learn more about the world
  • Enjoy helping teenagers and families
  • Value making friends with like-minded people
  • Demonstrate leadership in problem-solving situations
  • Appreciate increased intercultural understanding

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