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Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX)

YFU welcomes Contress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX) scholars from Germany to the US each year.  CBYX is citizen diplomacy at work since 1983, created to strengthen ties between Germany and the US in recognition of the 300th anniversary of the first German immigration to the United States. 

CBYX, funded jointly by the U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag, and sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, offers a full scholarship to participants.  It counts over 17,000 students as alumni, including U.S. CBYX students sent to live through YFU with German host families.  Learn more about the CYBX scholarship program on our Study Abroad Scholarships page.



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YFU CBYX scholars describe their U.S. experiences:

"In my opinion, this exchange year changed me completely. I am more self-confident now, I learned more about my morals and I found a wonderful, amazing family in the U.S. I love so so much that no words would be big enough to express that! I saw how much impact I have on others and how great it is to meet others and make new friends. My whole view about friendship changed completely -- especially because I think that I made friends for life since I have been in Texas. I learned about church and my belief and I found out that that is what I want to take over into my life in Germany. I got to know that that, what is also important for me, music, is so much more than just reading music and playing is feeling it, showing others this feeling! The best praise for that is seeing tears of joy in their eyes! I will never be able to forget this exchange year. It turned out better than I ever would have imagined it! I loved my time here and I have a second home now, Texas, U.S.!!"

– Lavinia, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to Texas


"The CBYX program helped me to increase my self-esteem, to become more open-minded, to improve my English, and to find friends all over the world."

– Martin, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to Colorado


"It changed my picture of the US in many aspects and especially my view on my own family and friends and their importance for me. I learned many, many new things that I probably would not have learned without my exchange. I have become more mature and responsible for myself. With being in the USA I learned to appreciate my own country and culture more than before. I have become a better athlete and got to know great teamwork in sports."

– Michael, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to Iowa

"In so many ways this program has changed and affected me, it is hard to count them and even harder to express. There is that immense gain of self confidence, tolerance and respect, and independence I experienced, and then there is the feeling of being home whereever my loved ones are. My friends and families are spread around the world now, and although it makes it close to impossible to gather them in one place, it also opened my horizon and view off this world; it got a lot smaller and at the same time bigger. This year turned me into a worshipper of diversity, more than ever I feel how the differences between us humans and cultures are making this world so much more interesting and colorful, and for nothing I would ever trade in this experience."

– Nathalie, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to Texas


"I feel like home now, I can finally say I have an American family here and I don't want to leave. It's hard to say goodbye, but I've learned so much & I'm truly thankful. This year made me so much stronger and I feel so much more independent."

– Lena, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to Ohio


"I realized importance of interest and worth (more open-minded ) in every individual by making friends, who came from many different backgrounds realized importance of friendships and family realized importance of taking opportunities to make a difference (doing best in sports and academically, be nice to everyone, stand up for your opinion, help in leadership and with community service) realized importance of setting goals in order to make best out of my life. I decided that I will care more for family and friends when I come back; work hard on reaching career goals; do more community service; and be member of more clubs in order to affect people."

– Lena, YFU CBYX scholar from Germany to California



C2C Medallion Program for US High Schools

The US Department of State publicly recognizes US high schools that enroll CBYX scholars as partners for global diplomacy.