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Share Study Abroad Opportunities with your students and encourage your school and families to host. Cross-cultural lesson plans and additional resources are below.


Expand Cultural Understanding with YFU


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The Quarterly Exchange Newsletter – High School Fax




Study Abroad Program Flyers 2014


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Additional Resources for your students


Hosting YFU Exchange Students


YFU Loyalty Program – Refer Families to Host YFU Exchange Students

Do you want to build YFU in your community and earn rewards for your classroom? Join the YFU Loyalty Program as an individual, group or school. By referring families to host with YFU, you can earn points to benefit clubs or help with school projects. Explore YFU Loyalty today to Earn iPads, projectors, and more for your school or classroom.

Teacher Loyalty Kit – We’ve made it easy with an introductory video, email templates, flyers and graphics for your use.


Cross-Cultural & Geography Curriculum Resources